Unbeatable New Roof Financing Options: 0% for 1 Year

A watertight, leak-free roof is a necessity, not a luxury. Depending on what’s wrong with your roof, replacing it isn’t a want – but a NEED. Since homeowners often wonder about how to pay for a new roof, we’re breaking down the best options, including our very popular new roof financing options!

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re an expert roofing company that installs gorgeous and watertight new roofs on homes all over the Eastern Shore. We’ve built a strong local reputation for skilled work, leading products, and being a great company to have at your home. Keep reading to learn more about our different new roof financing options, including our most popular 0% financing for a whole year. Once you’re ready to get started, reach out to our team to get your quote!

New roof installed with roof financing


Mid-Shore’s New Roof Payment Plans

While paying cash or writing a check for a roof replacement is one of the easiest ways to pay for it, that simply isn’t an option for everyone. Since we know that sometimes finances can be tight, but you still need a quality roof, we offer multiple new roof payment plans. These are the three most frequently used financing options:

Roof Payment Plans

  • 0% Interest, No payments for 1 year – This is our most popular new roof payment plan by far. You can get the roof you need right away, and then have an entire year to pay for it, without being charged any interest. There is no penalty for early payoff either – so there’s no downside to choosing this plan!
  • 18 Months Same as Cash (With Minimum Payments) – This plan is very similar to the above plan, just with a longer payoff period. The interest on this plan is deferred as long as you make minimum monthly payments and payoff the total amount in a year and half. Once again, there’s no penalty for paying it off early!
  • 9.9% APR Financing up to 126 Months – This is our low interest new roof payment plan for those who need to pay off the cost over a longer period of time. This new roof financing plan makes it so that anyone with good credit can have access to a great new roof – without ever spending a large lump sum.


In addition to great rates and the 0% interest options, there are several other reasons to choose to finance with Mid-Shore when figuring out how to pay for your new roof. Unless you are already planning to refinance your house for other simultaneous home improvement projects, it doesn’t get any more convenient than financing with us! There is no paperwork for any of our new roof payment plans – and there’s no waiting period, meaning the much needed work begins right away! Plus, the vast majority of homeowners who apply for financing with us get approved.

If you’re considering how to pay for your new roof and need options, we highly advise you join the countless homeowners who finance with us every year.

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How to Pay for a New Roof: Homeowner’s Insurance

If you need serious roof repair or roof replacement because a storm damaged your current roof, your homeowners’ insurance may cover part or all of the cost. When looking for how to pay for a new roof, this is absolutely the best case scenario as you will have the smallest out-of-pocket costs.

Home expenses on scale with payment plan

As a roofer that has 20+ years of experience working along the Eastern Shore, we have ample experience working with homeowners after hurricanes and other storms. In addition to fixing your roof, we can also handle working with your homeowners’ insurance to make the experience as easy as possible for you.

Learn more about a roof repair insurance claim and how we can help!


Get a Quote and Lock in New Roof Financing

Our new roof financing options are specifically designed so that no one ever needs to delay or skip important roof work ever again. If you’re still deciding what you want to do about your roof and you think financing might be a good option, we encourage you to talk to our team. The first step is to reach out about getting a quote and which (if any) of our new roof payment plans are right for you.

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