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rain storm hitting roof and causing different types of roof damage

How to Identify Types of Roof Damage: Water, Hail, Storm & More

Have you ever wondered how roof damage can affect your home’s safety and longevity? Understanding the various types of roof damage, from water and hail to storm-related issues, is crucial…

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cedar shake installation of home with yellow siding

The Ultimate Guide to Cedar Shake Installation for Your Roof

Have you ever wondered what makes cedar shakes a preferred roofing option for many homeowners? You’re not alone. The timeless appeal and resilience of cedar shakes attract numerous homeowners, but…

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siding installation services for house with tan siding

6 Downsides to DIY Vinyl Siding

  Have you considered whether the potential pitfalls of a DIY vinyl siding project could exceed your projected cost savings? This article looks at six big reasons why DIY vinyl…

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eco friendly roofing with asphalt shingles shown from above

Eco Friendly Roofing Materials & Home Exterior Options

Ever wonder how the choices we make for our homes can significantly impact the planet? As Earth Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to reflect on our environmental footprint. The…

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