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Residential roof in Maryland shore

Roof Replacement vs Repair: What’s the Smart Choice?

The tell-tale wet spot on your ceiling – or dreaded water drips when it rains – whatever the warning signs, a roof leak is a serious problem. You know you…

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House with new asphalt shingle roof

Best Roofing Warranty: 50 Years, Non-Prorated

If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you never want to have to replace – much less worry about – your roof ever again. Dealing with roof leaks is stressful…

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Best roof shingles for beach homes

Discover the Best Roof Shingles

Are all roofing shingles more or less the same? Not even close! The best roof shingles come with a Lifetime Limited 50-year warranty, can be specifically designed to survive extreme…

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We Handle All Exteriors on Your Home in Easton, MD

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we do things differently from your average exterior company. A 100% in-house crew, respect for your home, and superior materials – that’s what you can expect from…

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