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People who are searching for beautiful and dependable metal roofing can rely on Mid-Shore Exteriors to help them achieve that goal. Standing seam metal roof service is one of our more popular roofing options because there are no screws or fasteners, so it’s quick and easy.

Standing Seam & Classic Rib Metal Roofing

Standard or classic rib metal roofing is less expensive, but still an excellent choice for homes and businesses. When you need metal roof installation you can fully trust, Mid-Shore Exteriors should always be the first place you call.

Metal Roof Advantages

There are a number of advantages associated with these types of metal roofs. These roofs have highly contemporary looks that help residences and businesses alike stand out. Not only do these roofs look beautifully modern, but they’re also extremely strong and durable. If you want a roof that can stand the test of time and that isn’t vulnerable to allowing moisture in and causing leaks, standing seams may just be the way to go for you. Similar to the performance of slate roof tiles, metal roofs also quickly do away with ice and snow, which is terrific for stopping the development of ice dams, maintaining lightness and enhancing ventilation. As a result, they’re ideal for intense snowfall and extended winters.

Eco-Friendly Roofing

If you’re concerned about the environment, then you’ll absolutely love the fact that metal roofs are sustainable and eco-friendly. They’re produced entirely out of metal and because of that are fully recyclable. These roofs also are equipped with cool reflective benefits that can cut down on energy use and lead to significant electricity bill savings.

Color Options

People can choose between various exciting metal roof colors when they go the metal roof route, too. Earth tones are commonly seen in these roofs, as are gray, brown, green and red.

standing seam metal roof

metal roofing

metal roof

Correct Installation Practices

If you want quality metal roofing installation, you can feel perfectly comfortable depending on our professionals here at Mid-Shore Exteriors. A professional must have extensive expertise, and the right tools, to install either metal roofs correctly. Thankfully for you, our talented MD roofing staff all possess in-depth classic rib and standing seam knowledge and all of the necessary tools, to boot. When you turn to us for metal roof installation, you can feel at ease knowing that our pros are highly experienced and seasoned in the job.

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Customer service is a major area of importance for us here at Mid-Shore Exteriors. When we install metal roofs, we always give our greatest efforts. Our work style is cautious, thorough and highly comprehensive. Our aim is to make all of our customers happy with our efficient approach to work.

If you want a metal roof that is strong and looks gorgeous, simplistic and clean, then a standard or standing seam roof may be for you. Call us today for additional details.

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"When we were in need of a new roof, Mid-Shore Exteriors were the ones we called. From our first meeting with you, we knew this company was the one we wanted to deal with. Brian, you were so professional but open to all questions and explained clearly the answers. Danny and his crew were amazing. We have never witnessed a crew of men work so diligently. Danny was wonderful and we can't express enough our thanks and gratitude to him. We recommend your company to anyone needing the services you offer. Thank you Brian, Danny, and Sarah. We love our new roof!!"

- Callie & Jim Hogan

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