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With countless distractions these days, researching roofing companies is probably not the most exciting on that list – no offense taken. You don’t have time to research all of the roofers near you, you just want the best company at the best pricing. Mid-Shore Exteriors understands the hustle and bustle of everyday life for homeowners, because we are homeowners! Receiving the highest quality service is important, especially with the total renovation of your roof.

With modern-day equipment and years of experience, we’ve provided quality roofing services to homeowners across Maryland. Just like our past clients, we want you to feel 100% confident in our team of roofing contractors.

Benefits of Choosing Mid-Shore Exteriors

Whether you’ve owned your home for decades or recently closed, knowing the what makes for the best roofing contractors is crucial to a job well done – and to avoid future structural issues from a faulty roof installation that could cost your thousands!

When shopping around for a qualified roofing company, remember these traits that make for the best roofers:

  • Various Material Options
  • No-Stress Warranties
  • Respectful to Your Property (Roof Buggy Benefit #1)
  • Licensed & Certified
  • It’s All About the Details!

Roofer’s Buggy Benefits

When you hire a roofing contractor to replace your existing roof you shouldn’t have to worry about damage to your lawn, shrubbery, flowers and/ or landscaping. Yet in years past many roofing contractors would simply toss debris and old material to the ground (tarp) and even park dump trunks or trailers on the property causing damage to lawns, shrubs, and even fences.

While using a tarp may seem adequate on face value, it’s important to consider that the removing an already existing roof requires roofers to move thousands of pounds of materials. These materials are not just shingles, they also include nails and underlayment, and if not properly disposed of could result in future problems.

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Located in both Trappe and Easton, Maryland, our residential roofing services extend to Maryland’s entire Eastern Shore including:

  • Talbot County
  • Caroline County
  • Kent County
  • Dorchester County
  • Worcester County
  • Wicomico County
  • Queen Anne’s County
  • And Other Surrounding Counties

Learn more about our roofing materials, meet the team, and get a FREE QUOTE for your project by contacting us today online!

Efficient Disposal with a Roof Equipter

To ensure proper and efficient disposal of roofing materials Mid-Shore Exteriors proudly offers homeowners a solution to these unfortunate practices with the “New Roof No Mess®” program. What this is, is the use of a self-propelled roofers buggy that the professionals at Mid-Shore Exteriors use to collect roofing debris. This equipter helps protects the homeowner’s property and provides peace of mind to customers ensuring that once their roofing job is complete, their property will look the same as it did before the work was started.

From Our Customers

"Brian & Sarah, We are VERY pleased with the level of workmanship and cleanup. Julio and his co-workers did a fabulous job. Kudos to you and Brian for running such a good business!"

- Peter Svenson and Anne Toriello

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