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Copper Roof Panel Installation

The experienced Maryland roofing experts at Mid-Shore Exteriors have installed many copper roofs over the years for residential and commercial clients alike. Whether you want a dynamic visual statement or you just appreciate the durability of copper, Mid-Shore Exteriors is here to help.

What Makes Copper Shingles Unique?

While all metal roofs can add warmth and character to a home, copper roof panels offer unrivaled durability and beauty. There is nothing quite like a striking Copper roof for improving your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Copper is one of the most weather-resistant of all modern roofing materials and it’s a preferred material for many designers and architects. Unlike asphalt shingles and most roofing materials, copper offers excellent wind, hail, and earthquake resistance. Copper roofs can easily last 50 or more years with routine maintenance. You will also enjoy the peaceful sound it provides as rain falls against it.

Copper Roof Installation

When copper roof installation is done properly, copper offers a very long-lasting and economical solution with very low maintenance requirements. Copper never requires finishing or painting like other metal roofs and the natural weathering process transforms its warm bronze colors into a beautiful patina over time. Mid-Shore Exteriors can further enhance the appearance the natural beauty of copper by designing your roof around your home’s unique style and architectural features. Because copper is a highly malleable metal that retains its durability, our craftsman can manipulate copper into any roof shape or pattern you have in mind.

Copper is a very versatile material that can be used for many styles of roofs, particularly irregular structures and domes. The installation of copper roofing is also fairly fast and easy.

Along with these important benefits, copper roofs are also energy efficient as the metal reflects light rather than allowing heat into the home. Copper roofing can help control heating and cooling costs during the summer and winter.

copper roof panels

Copper Roofing Benefits

  • Curb appeal and beautiful patina
  • Lightweight material that will not put as much stress on your home during heavy snowfall
  • Energy efficient to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Lasts 50 years or longer
  • Resistant to mildew, hail, fire, earthquake, and wind damage
  • Very low maintenance

Request a Quote for Copper Roofing

Is it time to replace the roof on your home or business? Copper is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials available with benefits that other materials cannot offer. Mid-Shore Exteriors specializes in all aspects of copper roofing, including the installation of copper roof vents, copper roof flashing, and roof panels. You can consider copper a long-term investment in your home’s value and the safety of your family during extreme weather.

For most residential and commercial customers considering a copper roof installation, the advantages of copper like beauty, durability, and energy efficiency make it a top choice! Contact Mid-Shore Exteriors today to learn more about our copper roof installation process and request a quote.

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"Brian & Sarah, Thanks again for a great job! I Look forward to more work with you in the future! Smart crew Brian, you’ve done good!"

- Rob Kelley

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