What to Know about a Roof Repair Insurance Claim

If a storm or other natural disaster damages your roof and you have insurance, you’re going to be okay. This is the exact reason why homeowners’ insurance exists. However, there is a lot to know about filing a roof repair insurance claim that should come from a roofing expert – rather than just your insurance company. That’s what we’re discussing in today’s blog.

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we are a full-service roofing company that serves the entire Eastern Shore of Maryland. We not only strive to perform the highest-quality roofing work, but we’re here to help walk our customers through every step of the process. In the case of storm damage, we help our customers understand their roof repair insurance claim, ensuring they get everything they are entitled to from their insurance company. Read on for answers to the common insurance roof replacement questions – or reach out to talk to one of our experts right now!

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Important Insurance Roof Replacement Questions & Answers

After a storm or other natural disaster damages your roof, your goal is to get your roof back to the condition it was before – or better. That’s what we want, too. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to get you to accept less complete (and less costly for them) solutions that may not help your home keep its value long term. That’s why we recommend working with an experienced roofer when filing roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

We have decades of experience serving our clients through these situations. We’re answering some of the most important roof replacement insurance questions:

My insurance company wants me to get three estimates/bids for work, is this required?

This is NOT required; your insurance company suggests this as a way to shop market averages and pay the least. You are NOT required to save the insurance company money!! Do not sacrifice quality or peace of mind to save your insurance company. You as the homeowner dictate the contractor of your choice. A local qualified contractor who understands your market and your property is the best company to assist you. Mid-Shore Exteriors not only understands the insurance process but also installs quality materials with workmanship and material warranties both backed by the manufacturer. Other companies come to town and do the project for what the insurance pays and cut corners. And they are long gone chasing the next storm, when you have a problem, you are stuck dealing with the consequences alone.

Am I as the homeowner responsible for managing this project?

No, this tactic only saves the insurance companies money and leaves you as the homeowner feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Hire the right contractor! If you hire a professional to facilitate the coordination of the different trades occurring on your project, you will likely get more money for the claim and have less burden of managing the entire process.

What if my claim is denied?

Insurance companies will sometime wrongfully deny a claim to avoid liability of a large expense. This is why it is important to hire a qualified company who has experience working with insurance companies.

The insurance companies’ payment amount will not cover my project, what do I do?

On average insurance companies will short pay a claim by 30-40%. Some adjusters have no knowledge of building exteriors and often don’t know the extent of damages or what materials are required by the product manufacturers or local code. Another common error is scope of work (work needed to restore your property to pre-loss condition) isn’t accurate often times missing materials leaving thousands of dollars behind. This can happen when the project is a large undertaking and has many elements and coordinating multiple different trades (siding, roofing, framing) comes into play. This is why it is essential to find an experienced contractor to do a SUPPLEMENT which is when we go back and present our findings that differ with supporting documentation.

What if my shingles or siding aren’t available, what happens now?

Manufacturers modify or discontinue product lines from time to time. This makes the in-kind replacement unachievable. Based on your policy coverages this maybe something covered and would mean your insurance company is required to replace everything since repairing with in kind materials is impossible. We have the ability to supply letters from manufacturers stating such materials have been modified or discontinued.

How does the insurance process work?

This answer has a lot of elements and really depends on the insurance company and claims adjuster and the complexity of the claim, typically there is an initial visit from your insurance companies’ adjuster, then a document supplied to you based on THEIR findings, and the correlating coverages and the claim ACV (Actual Cost Value) is then dispersed to you the homeowner; less of course your deductible. At this time they recommend you to get an estimate from a contractor and proceed with the needed work. Often times this estimate is NOT enough to cover your project and will be missing vital components. This is why it is essential to find an experienced contractor to do a SUPPLEMENT which is when we go back and present our findings that differ with supporting documentation (photos, evidence of damage, manufacturer specifications, local building code requirements) to get the claim up to actually cover the needed work. If the difference is large and the project doesn’t have the needed funds to even secure the materials, we start supplementing before the project even begins. Once the supplemented amount and ACV are at job cost less depreciation (the recoverable amount, this is typically held back or known as RCV the replacement has already occurred and isn’t disbursed until all work has been done.)

Our Roofing Expertise

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we put roofing quality first. Our in-house teams are among the most knowledgeable and best-trained in the industry. In fact, we are proud to have Master ELITE GAF Certification & Shingle Master Certification by CertainTeed. These titles can only be earned by showcasing a long track record of impeccable performance.

Learn more about the traits of the best roofers.

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Work with us When Filing Your Roof Repair Insurance Claim

If your home and roof was damaged in a storm or wind event, we’re here to help. Not only do we have decades of experience building elite quality roofs, but we have extensive experience with roofing insurance claims for storm damage. Our experts will work to advocate to the insurance company to ensure you get the best remedy – and we’ll build it for you, too.

If you have questions, let’s start the conversation – reach out today to discuss your roof and your roof repair insurance claim!

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