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Roofing Materials

Types of Roofs We Install

Mid-Shore Exteriors specializes in roof replacement and re-roofing services. We are highly skilled and accustomed to all types of roofs and roofing materials, whether it be shingles, slate, cedar shake, metal, copper or rubber roofing, we can install it all! We also install deluxe Tamko Shingles as a Tamko certified roofer!

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt ShinglesAsphalt shingles are the most popular choice of roofing material. They are very popular with roofers in MD and homeowners in the area because they are available in various price ranges and come in a variety of sizes. According to research, asphalt shingles are used by 75% of homeowners in America, so you can count on our Eastern Shore roofers to provide the highest quality asphalt shingles in Maryland. Asphalt shingles adds beauty and depth to your home – plus our manufacturers renowned quality, durability and protection.

An asphalt roof offers a wide range of striking, dimensional styles and colors to complement any home's architecture. Plus, the strength of our asphalt shingles stands behind each roof, with top UL® wind-resistance and Class "A" fire ratings, and some of the best warranties in the business.

Slate Roofing

Slate RoofsSlate roofing has changed thanks to advancements in new materials and engineering. Genuine slate roofing is now affordable, lightweight, and easy to install. An ingenious hanger system combined with a unique application method has changed the way genuine slate roofing is installed. The results are taking the world by storm.

Synthetic Slate Shingles are a lightweight in inexpensive roofing option. More durable than real slate, synthetic slate shingles are easy to transport and can be installed using standard roofing nails. Synthetic slate shingles can be cut using a utility knife. The lighter weight also means that a normal roof can support this roofing product without additional reinforcement.

Cedar Shake Roofs

Shake RoofsCedar shake shingles offer the natural beauty of wooden shake shingles without the safety concerns that come along with real wood. These shingles are made from innovative composite materials that are robust, fire resistant, and long-enduring. This beautiful and low maintenance roofing material is available in three colors: Cedar, Dove Grey and Weathered Wood. Our seasoned cedar shake roofing professionals are experts at installing cedar shakes and transforming the exterior of your home.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing Seam Metal Roofing If you're not sold on metal roofing, consider the many advantages a standing seam metal roof can offer your home. Roofers in Maryland believe that a properly installed metal roofing system is virtually maintenance free over the life of the roof and will withstand inclement weather (high winds, hail, snow and rain) better than any other roofing material. Metal roofing can be installed over the top of existing roofs, bringing significant savings in time and labor in addition to eliminating the growing disposal problem associated with shingles. Metal roofing does not warp, split or crack and is impervious to mildew, rot, termites and pests. Standing Seam Metal roofing is beautiful as well as durable and is available in many different styles, configurations, and colors to fit diverse architectural requirements and tastes.

Classic Rib Metal Roofing

Classic Rib Metal Roofing Many Maryland roofers believe that classic rib metal roofing is a smart choice for both commercial and residential applications. It is a long-lasting, classy metal roofing material that is economical, durable and comes in beautiful styles to match any home. Classic rib metal roofing is also energy efficient, you'll love the energy savings and benefits from a new, cool metal roof! They are also fire resistent, so you can't go wrong by adding metal roofing to your commercial or residential exterior. Upgrade your property with lasting value today!

Copper Roofing

Copper RoofsCopper Roofing with it’s unique properties, such as the patina it takes on as it ages, make it a striking architectural choice, and nowhere is that more remarkable than in roofing. Besides its aesthetic appeal, however, copper roofing offers many advantages to remodelers. Copper roofing is acting more like traditional roofing products these days. Manufacturers are succeeding in creating materials that are more lightweight and easier to manage than previous offerings. Copper roofs have a long history of durability in severe weather. Copper roofing manufacturers are continually building on copper's natural beauty with an array of products for every taste. Although most homeowners choose copper because of its looks, an added bonus is its longevity.

Rubber Roofing

Duro Last RoofingThe Duro-Last vinyl membrane roofing is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation consisting of PVC resins, plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame retardants and U.V. absorbents. The Duro-Last single-ply membrane is available in white, gray, dark gray, tan, or terra cotta. Duro-Last is proud to be a charter partner of the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program. The ENERGY STAR label indicates to building owners that the Duro-Last white vinyl roof membrane can save them money on cooling costs due to its high reflectivity. What’s the difference between other single-ply roofing and the Duro-Last roofing system? Two words: precision fabrication. Each rubber roofing system is engineered to perfectly fit the building its designed for, right down to the stacks and flashings. That means the every Duro-Last roofing system is delivered with all components included and up to 85% of the seaming already completed. Your roof goes on faster with less disruption and less chance for future leaks. Best of all, the proven performance of a Duro-Last roofing system means your investment will continue to pay off for years to come, with significant energy savings, little to no maintenance, and the best warranties in the business.

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