CertainTeed Colors: Striking Shingles & Stunning Siding

For some homeowners, shingles and siding just have a job to do and it doesn’t matter what they look like. For you, though, they’re an opportunity to bring a dramatic pop of color to your exterior home décor. Since we believe shingles and siding can be beautiful, we are showcasing the amazing CertainTeed colors that homeowners love!

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we are a Maryland roofing and siding company that specializes in top-of-the-line CertainTeed products. Not only do these lines boast leading warranties, but the CertainTeed Landmark shingle colors and vinyl siding colors can make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Discover the eye-catching range of colors – and find the perfect shade for your house!


4 Must-See CertainTeed Landmark Shingle Colors

You’ve never seen shingles quite like these before – we guarantee it. The range of CertainTeed Landmark shingle colors is among the widest on the market. While there are dozens of interesting CertainTeed color options you can choose during roof installation, these are a few of our favorites:

Landmark roofing shingle color options

Silver Birch – In a world where 95% of all shingles are dark, going light will turn heads! Silver Birch shingles feature an extremely light gray hue that almost borders on silver. This beautiful CertainTeed Landmark shingle color makes your roof the focal point of your house!

Resawn Shake – This attractive shingle delivers the authentic look of cedar shakes with the cost and practicality of ultra-durable asphalt shingles. CertainTeed actually features more than one style of Resawn Shake shingles and all are a fantastic option to bring rustic flair to your house.

Atlantic Blue – A bold and bright choice for those who want their roof to be the most colorful part of their house. These blue shingles make a fantastic color combo with light colored vinyl siding such as tan or white.

Burnt Sienna – The most traditional option among the CertainTeed Landmark shingle colors, Burnt Sienna shingles have a warm reddish-brown hue that is a safe style choice for traditional homes, yet is still exciting enough to make your new roof really stand out!

Want to explore even more interesting CertainTeed shingle colors? Ask to see one of our sample boards when you get your quote!


CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Colors

Just like with shingles, CertainTeed vinyl siding colors provide a diverse range of choices. Monogram Siding is one of their most popular products, and these are just a few of the noteworthy colors you can choose from during new siding installation:

CertainTeed vinyl siding color options

Seagrass – A cool greenish blue shade, Seagrass vinyl siding will certainly make your home stand out but is still a safe choice for almost anyone. We can envision a clean, white trim pairing very nicely with the foundation color.

Natural Blend – A fantastic solution for those who are enamored with the look of real wood siding but don’t want to worry about rot, mold, and termites. The Natural Blend shade even has distinctive streaks meant to evoke the feel of an unfinished woodgrain.

Castle Stone – This CertainTeed vinyl siding color is an attractive shade of gray that would look equally appealing on a craftsman-style house, a modern rancher, or an ever-popular colonial. While Castle Stone isn’t meant to emulate the look of stone siding, it is gorgeous in its own right.

Sandstone Beige – An alternative to traditional simple white siding, Sandstone Beige is a safe choice that has tons of potential for interesting color schemes. This siding color would pair nicely with blue or red shutters – or even one of the more interesting CertainTeed shingle colors!

Autumn Red – This siding color is a true home décor showstopper. The bright red hue is a great way to showcase your bold design preferences and make sure that your home stands out in a world of simple white and tan houses!

Midnight Blue – This vibrant siding color gives off a coastal vibe and pairs with almost any home type.  This siding color is versatile and can pair well with or without shutters!

Once again, these siding colors are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to see even more options – and see them in person – request a consultation to check out our sample boards.

Certainteed vinyl siding gray


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While these CertainTeed colors are sure to be an intriguing element of your home décor, we trust CertainTeed products first and foremost because they make quality products that last. At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we are dedicated to performing the high-quality work that keeps your home safe and secure.

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