3 Exterior Home Renovations That Will Skyrocket Your Home’s Value

before and after exterior home renovations

Attention homeowners! Wondering how to get the most bang for your buck in the competitive real estate market? You’re in the right place. In this article, we uncover the top three exterior home renovations that can dramatically increase your home’s resale value.

From transformative roofing projects to game-changing siding choices, we’ve got your guide to a higher home valuation—all backed by the expertise of Mid-Shore Exteriors, your trusted local provider for exterior home renovations in Maryland.

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The Top 3 Exterior House Remodel Upgrades

Exterior home renovations often pack a bigger punch in property value than interior ones. Why? They make a lasting first impression on everyone—potential buyers, neighbors, and passersby alike. Here are the top three exterior house remodels that offer an impressive return on investment.

before and after exterior house remodeling

Roof Renewal: A new roof is more than an outside home remodeling project; it’s a financial windfall. How? It boosts curb appeal and energy efficiency, two critical factors buyers care about. Plus, new roofing can yield returns as high as 109%, potentially making you money on the exterior house remodeling. With added benefits like quicker sales and higher market prices, a new roof is one of the most strategic investments you can make when undertaking an exterior house remodeling.

Gutter Installation: As any partner experienced in roofing and exteriors near you will confirm, gutters play a vital role in your home’s well-being. They serve as guardians, steering rainwater away from your home’s foundation and extending its lifespan. Foundation damage, primarily caused by excess water, can result in cracks and significant deterioration. However, the installation of gutters is an exterior home renovation that eliminates this risk. Thoughtfully installed gutters ensure water is directed away from your home’s foundation, safeguarding its structural integrity and generating a big return on investment from this practical exterior home remodeling project.

Pro Tip: In the competitive real estate market, any exterior home renovation needs to combine visual appeal with practicality. New gutters not only prevent unsightly water stains on your house’s walls, a common issue in regions with heavy rainfall but also contribute to your property’s overall charm. Their presence can attract potential buyers by adding a touch of freshness and functionality as a result of this exterior home renovation.

Strategic Siding: Investing in new siding isn’t just an aesthetic choice; it’s a financial game-changer. Realtor estimates show that a siding upgrade could amplify your home’s value by up to 7%. Beyond boosting curb appeal, new siding provides robust protection against environmental threats like moisture and rot. It’s an exterior house remodeling that is as practical as it is visually appealing, offering you the chance to redefine your home’s character and tap into market trends for even higher ROI.


Stunning Before-and-After Exterior Home Makeovers

Let’s now take a look at some real-life examples of how roof and siding installations can be outside home remodeling projects that transform a home’s appearance and value.

Modern Masterpiece: Upgrading an Aging Roofmodern exterior home makeover

With this exterior home makeover, we took a sprawling home with a serviceable but aging roof and turned it into an architectural showpiece. Mid-Shore Exteriors works with the highest quality materials such as GAF asphalt shingles. We installed Lifetime Timberline HDZ architectural shingles in a Fox Hollow Gray hue, marrying contemporary elegance with long-lasting durability. In addition to a facelift, this was a savvy investment that significantly boosted the home’s market value.

Dramatically Elegant: Siding Transformation elegant exterior home makeover

A home initially sporting light gray siding and a faded roof received a complete exterior overhaul. Our team installed a combination of CertainTeed Cedar Impression, Board and Batten, and Monogram Clapboard vinyl siding in a sophisticated Slate color. This exterior home makeover was transformative as the multifaceted siding and modern color palette did SO much more than simply improve the home’s value!

Comprehensive Facelift: Dual Roof and Siding Makeover comprehensive facelift exterior home makeover

For this project, we opted for a two-pronged renovation strategy by installing Lifetime Timberline HDZ architectural shingles in Pewter Gray and replacing the outdated yellow siding with crisp, white CertainTeed Single 8″ Board and Batten. The result? A breathtaking exterior home makeover that not only boosted curb appeal but also promised a high return on investment due to the quality of the exterior house remodeling.

Luxurious Upgrade: A New Roof to Match luxurious exterior home makeover with pool

A luxurious residence with a pool area was in need of a new roof to match its grandeur. We chose Lifetime Timberline HDZ architectural shingles in Oyster Gray, creating an upscale aesthetic that aligned perfectly with the home’s existing luxury features. The new roof offers improved energy efficiency and durability, enhancing the home’s overall value!

From Worn to Wow: Complete Exterior Reimagining exterior home makeover from worn roof to new

Our final exterior home makeover involves a home with visibly worn roofing and dated yellow siding. We rejuvenated it with Lifetime Timberline HDZ architectural shingles in Mission Brown and a mix of CertainTeed MainStreet D5 Dutchlap Vinyl in Pacific Blue, accentuated with Cedar Impressions D7 Vinyl Siding in Rustic Blend. This wasn’t just an exterior home makeover; it was a complete modernization that brought elegance and contemporary flair to the home, enhancing its value in the process.

Browse our gallery to review our portfolio of past exterior home renovations!


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