The Best Shingles for High Winds

There’s so much to love about living on where we do: great people, fantastic food, quaint towns, and having the shoreline close by. However, being so close to the water means storm wind speeds are higher, and that huge gusts can damage roofs. As a roofing company dedicated to serving the Eastern Shore, we often fix roof damage from wind and we pay close attention to new products that can help. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer the best shingles for high winds – that come backed by a GAF unlimited wind warranty!

If you live near the coast or in a high wind area and are planning your new roof, this is an option you must consider. We’re highlighting what makes for the best shingles for high winds and the careful way we install them. Keep reading to learn more – and reach out to get your quote right now!

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All about the GAF Unlimited Wind Warranty

GAF is the best partner that a coastal roofer like Mid-Shore could have. They offer multiple lines of gorgeous shingles that come with the GAF unlimited wind warranty.

Not only can high speed winds rip standard shingles from rooftops, but if the reported windspeed exceeds what your shingles are rated for, the warranty is void. That’s why this product is an absolute game-changer for residents who live in high wind locations.  Unlike all other shingles, this means that there is NO maximum windspeed for your warranty with these GAF shingles. As a homeowner, this means that not only will your gorgeous new roof be very likely to survive high winds, but if anything should happen and your roof leaks, you have a no-hassle warranty covering you.

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In addition to using the best shingles for high winds, every Mid-Shore Exteriors roof is installed using 6 nails per shingle – unlike most other roofers who use 4. This is one more reason that the shingles we install can survive high speed gusts of wind. In addition to these heavy-duty GAF shingles, we also install roofs with other accessories that protect against roof damage from wind, including: leak barriers, ridge cap shingles, attic ventilation, roof deck protection, and starter strip shingles.

Just like the famous GAF 50-year warranty, only a select few GAF Master Elite roofers are able to offer the best warranties, which include up to a 30 year workmanship warranty backed by the manufacturer. We’re proud to be rated GAF Master Elite – and installing these shingles for high wind areas is one of the other advantages that sets us apart.

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Other Roof Damage from Wind

Both homes along the shoreline and homes in rural areas are generally at the greatest risk for roof damage from wind. By far the most common problem you see is shingles being torn from the roofs (hence why GAF’s shingles are such a game-changer).

Next to shingles, one of the most common types of wind roof damage is the ridge caps flying off, although this often happens alongside shingles as well. In some cases, soffit and fascia can take a beating from a heavy windstorm as well. Finally, it’s not uncommon to see gutters damaged or detached from homes entirely. Our crews are experienced in performing all of these crucial repairs that get your house back to exactly the way it was.

In fact, we’re one of the first calls homeowners should make after a storm. Not only can we do all of the work you need, but we have ample experience navigating the process of working with an insurance company.

Learn more about what to do with roof repair insurance claims.

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Bring the Best Shingles for High Winds to Your New Roof

If you need a new roof – especially if your old one ever took a beating from a storm – these shingles for high winds may be one of the best investments you’ll make in your home. Not only are the shingles extremely strong but they come in a variety of different and gorgeous colors.

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