Shingle and Metal Roof Combo

Part shingle, part metal – all striking style. A shingle and metal roof combo is a new roofing trend earning attention from discerning homeowners. By mixing the two leading roof materials into one design you create an eye-catching look that makes your home stand out from all the rest.

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re an Easton MD roofer who installs all types of roofs, including shingle and metal combos. We’re highlighting the different ways you can bring this rising trend to your home. Keep reading to get inspired or reach out to our team right now to get started working with us!


Styles for Mixing Metal and Shingle Roof

The contrast of the metal roof panels with the shingles is the main factor that creates the distinct style. There are multiple ways to combine these two different yet complimentary materials onto to home. Here are the 3 most common styles of a mixing metal and shingle roof:

Shingle Roof with Metal Porch shingle and metal roofing styles

Here’s one of the most popular shingle and metal roof combos that we install. While it requires you to have a covered front porch, it is one of the top styles to prominently showcase this unique look. The best way to accomplish this is use metal for the porch and shingles for the main roof. This puts the eye-catching metal section front and center.


Side-By-Side Mixing Metal and Shingle Roof

An ambitious strategy for mixing metal and shingle roofs, this involves having full sections of shingles sitting beside full sections of metal. Generally, this looks most attractive when there is a clear differentiation between the full metal and full shingle section. One of the advantages of this style is that the look of both your metal section and shingle section enjoy equal prominence! In addition, this approach can be very effective at showcasing a unique shingle color.

Discover beautiful shingle colors from GAF.


Metal Accents on Shingle Roof  shingle and metal roof combination style

This style looks different for almost every roof, but the effect is always amazing! With this method, you outfit an accent or a fixture of the roof in order to make it a metal-adorned showpiece. Examples of the accents you can accessorize include raised roof gables, extra-large dormers, towers and more. These can be some of the most complicated metal and shingle hybrids, but the look is unquestionably worth it.


The Mid-Shore Exteriors Difference

While mixing metal and shingle roofs makes for an eye-catching style when upgrading a roof, not every roofing company offers this. That’s because a high degree of skill is needed to accomplish pairing both of these materials together. Roofing skill is something that sets Mid-Shore Exteriors apart. Not only are our fully in-house roofing teams always continuing their education, but they have been certified as masters of their craft by all of the major shingle manufacturers. We are GAF Master Elite contractor, CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster, and TAMKO MasterCraft Pro Certified Contractor.

This skill doesn’t just allow us to succeed in mixing metal and shingle roofs, but permits us to offer industry best 50 year material warranties and 30 year workmanship warranties!


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If you’re exploring how to make your roof into an extraordinary piece of curb appeal, a shingle and metal roof combo is like no other. If you want to get started, the first step is a conversation. During your in-home consultation, our design team will help you find the perfect materials for your home and get you a price to take care of everything!

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