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Winter Roofing Tips

Roof Maintenance in Maryland

Residential and business roofs take a severe beating during the winter months. High velocity winds, ice and weighty snow all take their seasonal toll on roofs, so it’s important to make sure they are in the best of condition.

Of particular concern for Maryland residents is the possibility of ice damming on the roof. Recurrent storms and continual cycles of freezing and thawing in the winter can cause this problem. Ice buildup on the roof can lead to roof leaks developing underneath. A yearly check done by roofing contractors in Maryland can prevent some of these major problems from occurring.

Get Help Before Winter Hits

Winter Roof PreparationBy the time a leak is noticed, the damage to the roof and building structure has already been done. Repairs at that point can cost thousands of dollars, because leaks wreak havoc with the internal structure of a building, and can even lead to mold over time.

The professionally trained eyes of roofing contractors in MD, like Mid-Shore Exteriors, detects subtle changes in the roof and its substructure which will inevitably lead to damage. We are familiar with the kinds of storms that are prevalent in Maryland, and can provide repairs as needed to keep your home safe and dry through the winter season.

Roof Replacements Are Sometimes Necessary

Sometimes old roofs need to be replaced. When the condition of a roof has become so bad that there are multiple areas of vulnerability, we will advise for replacement. It is better to spend the money for a needed new roof than to try to deal with the aftermath of winter weather on a roof that can no longer protect your home.

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Here are some winter roofing tips and preventive measures every homeowner should take to help maintain their roof this winter and keep their home safe.

We are reliable roofers, working year-round to efficiently and quickly make repairs, or install a new roof for your home or business. We offer many different roofing materials that will enhance the look of your home and boost curb appeal. Contact Mid-Shore Exteriors for all of your roofing needs this winter.