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Finding Roof Leaks

Places To Check For Leaks

There are certain areas of a roof that are much more likely to leak than others, and during particularly rainy weather, these areas can begin to leak without warning. Mid-Shore Exteriors offers these helpful places to look when searching for roof leaks:


The Flashing

Roof LeaksFlashing is used on areas of the roof where the shingles come into contact with the sides of the home, and these areas of the roof can begin to leak very quickly if a shingle comes loose.

Professional Maryland roofing contractors, like us, can inspect the flashing in order to ensure that it is in excellent condition overall, and if it is not, we can install new flashing.

Shingles That Have Blown Off

Over time, some shingles may blow off of a roof due to inclement weather and heavy winds. Our roofing contractors in MD can replace these shingles, and in addition, our roofers will ensure that the other shingles of the roof are still in good condition.

The Chimney

The area around the chimney is the most likely area of the roof to leak, and if this area hasn’t been sealed properly, it can begin to leak only months after a new roof has been installed. Mid-Shore Exteriors are your trusted, local roofers in Maryland and we can reseal the chimney using the highest quality materials to prevent future leaks.

The Ridges

Many roofing contractors install ridge vent on the ridges of the home, and in addition to offering stylish appeal, ridge vent is designed to allow outside air and moisture to escape from the attic of a home. Despite these benefits, ridge vent may begin to leak if it has not been installed correctly or if heavy winds have loosened a piece of ridge vent. We can install a new ridge vent that is particularly durable and long-lasting, and will make sure that it is installed properly.

If you have a roof leak or aren’t sure where the leak is coming from, give us a call and we will come out, inspect your roof, and get you fixed up in no time at all!