Metal Roof Colors and Styles

Here’s a roof that can truly transform your home! An increasingly popular roof replacement option, metal roofs provide a distinctly beautiful look – paired with a nearly unbeatable 50+ year lifespan. To inspire ideas about your new roof, we’re showcasing some of the most popular metal roof colors and styles on real projects that we’ve installed for homeowners throughout Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re a Maryland roofer that installs a wide range of roofs for homes in our community. While shingle roofing is still the most popular choice for new roofs on the market, metal roofing is steadily gaining popularity thanks in large part to its distinct look and all of the eye-catching metal roof colors and styles. Keep reading to discover all of your options – or reach out to talk to our team and to get your quote right now!

Light color of metal roofing on horse barn


Five Favorite Metal Roof Colors

If you live in a neighborhood full of homes with shingle roofs, upgrading to a metal roof will make your home stand out in the best way possible. Metal roofs are so eye-catching in part due to their unique material – and all of the bold metal roof colors. Here are five options that our customers choose that we think you’ll love, too:


Copper – This metal roof color is great to pair with a wide range of home styles with different siding colors. This rich hue looks excellent matching everything from white vinyl siding, to brick, and even stone or stucco. Imagine your home now topped with a bright and striking copper-colored roof!

Copper metal roof being installed on old brick home


Black – While all metal roofs for homes certainly classify as bold, this color is the closest it comes to a “safe” option. Just like copper, black metal roofs match a wide range of different siding types and are a great upgrade from shingles. In addition, this is a popular color for partial metal roofs that pair metal sections with a dark-colored shingle roof.

Black metal roofing on detached garage in Maryland


Green – While it can look great on the right suburban home, this metal roof color is a favorite for accessorizing barns, log homes, and other unique structures. The forest green hue of the metal panels pairs extremely well with a natural-looking wooden siding. Unique structures often call for unique roofs, and this is an exceptional choice!

Green metal roofing on historic barn


Red – Equally popular for commercial roofs and homes alike, red roofs can capture attention from even a great distance away. When used for a home in particular, the look of the red roof panels works well with an interesting siding color for a bold whole house color scheme. If you’re upgrading from a normal shingle roof, this exquisite hue will probably have the biggest impact.

Deep red metal roof color on barn house


Light Gray – This metal roof color brings a modern aesthetic that makes it a favorite for homeowners. The versatile gray color can balance out a dark siding choice or make an otherwise ordinary white siding scheme look entirely unique. As is the case with black metal panels, gray looks fantastic in a hybrid metal/shingle roof.

Slate Gray Drexel metal roof on elegant home


Exploring the Different Metal Roof Styles

While the colors may be the biggest stylistic choice you’ll make for your new metal roof, you can also select between several styles: Classic Ribbed roofs, Standing Seam roofs, and corrugated.  While Ribbed panels and standing seam are the most popular choices as we install each about equally – here’s what to know:

Standing Seam Metal Roof – Standing seam metal roofs are one of our specialties as we can make the panels right on the job site. Custom options abound with this roof style as the panels comes in different thicknesses, rib heights, and spacing between ribs. Because we are located on the shore, we typically like to use aluminum as opposed to steel – due to aluminums natural corrosion resistance.

This type of roof panel is installed with a hidden fastened system, meaning the hardware used to secure the panels is hidden underneath the panels. This gives this panel an attractive appearance, making them popular for historical properties or as accents on sections of a shingled roof. In addition, this style is essentially-maintenance free – while ribbed roofs will require new screws and gaskets at around 25 years.

Classic Ribbed Roof – Ribbed roof panels comes in different thicknesses and are built with 36-inch-wide panels. This metal roof type is installed with an exposed fastened system, meaning the hardware used to secure the panels are on the outside of the panels rather than hidden underneath, making this durable metal roof type more affordable than the standing seam variety. Ribbed metal panels are a great way to incorporate bold visual lines into the design of your roof.  This style is used widely for residential and commercial properties alike.

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