How to Find a Good Roofer: 5 Must-Have Traits

When you’re looking to find the right roofer or you’re trying to choose between several quotes, knowing what to look for can be extremely challenging. The roofer you choose is the #1 factor to how the job goes – and whether you’ll enjoy decades of leak-free performance from your new roof or have serious problems. The difficult thing is that any roofer you get a quote from is going to say they’re the best. That’s why we’re showing you how to find a good roofer – and shining a light on the key traits that can’t be faked.

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At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re a leading roofing company that has nearly two decades of experience. If you’re in our service area, we’d love to talk about your project. However, if you live outside of our area, this guide can still help you uncover a reputable local contractor. Keep reading to learn about how to find a good roofer or reach out to talk to our team!


Real Insider Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Every salesman and every business owner will tell you that their company does good work (even if they know it’s not true). That’s why it’s not enough to say it – they need to prove it with real a guarantees and evidence that can’t be faked. These are our tips for choosing a roofing contractor that won’t let you down:

Tips for Choosing a Roofer:

  • Don’t Trust a Roofer with Less than 5 Years’ Experience – In this business, experience matters. Firstly, roofing is complicated – you don’t want an inexperienced team trying to the learn how to roof on your house at your expense. On top of that, statistically speaking, the VAST majority of all roofing companies go out of business in less than five years. That means even if they promised you an unbeatable warranty, they won’t be around to stand by that warranty leaving additional expenses for you! This just isn’t a chance you want to take with your money and your home.
  • Look for Independent Awards – This is one of the tips for choosing a roofer you might not have considered. Since mediocre roofers can ask their friends for good reviews to pad their portfolio or to hide criticism, you need to look other places for proof of their good work. Check to see if the company has won any independent awards that show how the vast majority of people really feel about their work. We’re proud to have been chosen as the Best roofer in the “What’s Up Eastern Shore” and “Coastal Magazine” election as well as winning several other awards.
  • Ask if They Use an In-House Crew –The craftsmen who do the actual work on your roof itself make all the difference. Highly skilled and dedicated roofers are the key to ANY roofing company. Unfortunately, many roofing companies don’t actually have their own teams and instead often sub-contract the majority or all of their work to another crew. That other crew often wants to work as fast as possible since their reputation is not on the line – and this can lead to corners being cut and mistakes being made. That’s why we recommend directly asking ANY company you’re considering if they plan to do your roof in-house or to sub-contract it. At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re extremely proud of our large team of 100% in-house full-time employees!
  • Check about the Warranties – Having a written guarantee that your roof is protected is one of the best feelings and one of the most important factors when wondering how to find a good roofer. Having a warranty that covers both the manufacturing of the shingles themselves and the installation means that you can have 100% peace-of-mind. Any roofer that is confident in their skills (and has the confidence of leading manufacturers) will be able to offer you a no-hassle warranty. If a roofer can’t guarantee you something like this, you might want to reject their bid. At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we offer one of the best roofing warranties in the business with our 50-year non-prorated warranty on select shingles.
  • Expert Certifications – One of the best ways to assess a roofer’s skill is to see what the nationally-leading manufacturers think of their work.  Master Elite is GAF a certification program that provides ongoing training to roofing contractors that exceed standards in roofing expectations. This is assurance to you that the roof will be completed well and in a professional manner. Only 2% of all roofing contractors have qualified as Master Elite. Choosing a GAF Master Elite contractor is your assurance that you will be dealing with a quality, and dependable professional contractor. If a company doesn’t have any top-level certifications, you have to wonder why they fail to make the grade. At Mid-Shore, we have been honored with Master ELITE GAF Certification and Shingle Master Certified by CertainTeed. Not only are these hard to qualify for but they are the reason we are able to offer our industry leading warranties.

By taking a closer look at the companies you’re considering, you can look past the sales pitch for the facts underneath. We hope you found these tips for choosing a roofing contractor helpful – and if you’re in our service area, we’d love to have a conversation about your project.


Why to Hire a GAF Master Elite Contractor

We Are Certified GAF Master Elite Roofers in Houston, TX | Monarch Roofing Houston

Working with a GAF Master Elite Contractor is the best guarantee that your new roof will be completed perfectly. These are the three best reasons you should always hire a GAF Master Elite contractor:

  • The Unbeatable Golden Pledge Warranty – GAF Master Elite contractors are the only ones who can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty, which provides 50-year non-prorated protection.
  • They Have to Pass Rigorous Evaluations – GAF requires contractors to go through certain evaluations before they become certified to ensure the client is getting the highest standard of service. Not only does this entail evaluating their roofing skills, but it also involves looking at other factors such as the company’s financial history, business insurance, and other signs of trustworthy business practices.
  • Requires Ongoing Training – Maintaining a GAF Master Elite Certification requires ongoing training to keep the certification active. We are required to continue learning about the latest industry technology and newest installation practices on a regular basis.

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