How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know that you need a new roof. Whether it’s the shingles that start appearing in your yard or there are wet spots on your ceiling when it rains – do not ignore these clear warning signs! Since you can’t put it off any longer, your biggest question is probably “how much does a new roof cost?

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to the cost of a new roof. The type of material you choose, the size and pitch of your roof, the complexity of the roof design, and even the geographical location can all affect the price.

In this blog, we’ll provide estimated pricing and the main factors that can affect the pricing of your new roof. Keep reading to learn more – or contact us for a FREE roof quote!

Asphalts shingle roof with multiple layers

Average Cost of a New Roof

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, our work is top-notch, and our quotes are competitive. Most roofers are afraid to share their pricing, but we know that our prices are fair. While we can’t provide you with the exact price of your new roof without an in-person inspection, we can offer ballpark figures to help.

The average cost of a new roof is roughly around $15,000 to $17,000 for most average-sized homes. In addition, that price range is for an architectural shingle roof – other roofing materials will affect the total investment.

Factors that Affect a New Roof Price

Here are some of the other factors that affect a new roof price:

Additional Costs to a New Roof

  • Complex Roofs – Add Approximately $2,000: The more complex the roof design, the longer it takes and the more expensive the replacement ends up being. While different roofing sections and odd angles add undeniable character to your house, those interesting designs take longer to re-roof.  Multiple skylights and chimneys make the job more time-consuming as well. While these aren’t factors in the vast majority of homes, it can lead to an approximately $2,000 increase in the new roof price.
  • Subroof Damage – Add Approximately $500: Another reason not to put off the necessary roof work you need, if your roof leaks for a long time, mold can begin growing on the subroof. This mold and rot requires plywood to be replaced. It can add a few hundred dollars to the project to make your roof 100% strong and safe.
  • Multiple Layers – Add Up to $5,000: While it is not the common style any longer, some older roofs were built using multiple layers. Often this would entail a layer of wood shakes, topped by one or more layers of shingles. If your home’s roof was built with multiple layers, it makes the tear-off more time-consuming and more expensive. Depending on the number of layers we need to remove, it can add a few thousand dollars to your project.
  • Designer Shingles – Add Between $2,000 to $4,000: The standard architectural shingles we use to build new roofs are durable, water-resistant, and attractive. However, if you want your roof to be a style statement piece, you may want to consider upgrading to the famously-beautiful GAF designer shingles. Backed by the same long lifespan as traditional shingles, GAF’s gorgeous shingles add a unique color and style that some homeowners have to have – however, these luxury products can add a few thousand dollars onto the total new roof cost. See our gallery of gorgeous new roofs.

The Mid-Shore Exteriors Difference

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we do things a bit differently. While our roof repair and replacement prices are competitive with our local contractors, we don’t have too much else in common with them. The Mid-Shore Exteriors difference comes down to one thing: the people. While most roofing companies use hired sub-contractors to perform the work, at Mid-Shore, we NEVER trust anyone other than our in-house roofing craftsmen.

That way, you can always trust you’re getting the very best work from our teams who specialize in roofing – not from unknown sub-contractors who placed the lowest bid on your job. Plus, we also want you to have trust in the craftsmen working on your home. If you partner with Mid-Shore, you’ll meet our skilled and respectful craftsmen – and you won’t have to deal with unknown subcontractors. Not only does this make the experience better, but it means you’ll have a roof that looks and performs perfectly – guaranteed.

Cedar shake roofing on single story home

Get Your FREE New Roof Estimate Now

Now that you have an idea of what a new roof costs, it’s time to get your roof replacement quote from Mid-Shore Exteriors. The first step is to have one of our experienced roofing contractors examine your roof and give you a locked-in estimate to replace it.

A new roof is one of the biggest investments you can make in your home, and you want to make sure you work with a team you trust. Contact us today to discuss your new roof needs and to schedule your in-person free roof quote!

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