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How much would you pay to NEVER have to dig leaves out of your gutters again? This isn’t some silly rhetorical question– our gutter protection systems can make “never” a reality. Even better, it’s more affordable than most homeowners expect. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down real gutter guard prices!

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we are primarily known as an award-winning local roofer. However, we offer a variety of other solutions that help homeowners save time and protect their homes. The factors that determine the gutter guard price you pay are the size of your home (and thus how much gutter you have to guard) as well as which style you prefer. Keep reading to learn more about these labor-saving products and to check prices!

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Average Gutter Shield Cost Breakdown 

Gutter guards work by forming an ultra-durable screen or filter over your gutters which allows rainwater through, while keeping the leaves, twigs, and other debris on the outside. If you have a professional gutter system installed, you can expect DECADES of not having to worry about your gutters clogging. With a gutter guard, all you’ll need to do is occasionally brush debris off the top. While the average gutter shield cost differs slightly, most homeowners are impressed with how affordable they are!  We’re proud to say, the vast majority of gutter shields we install cost between $1,200 to $1,600.

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Whether you are closer to the higher or lower end of the gutter shield cost range depends once again on the size of your house and which style of gutter guards you choose. We can go over the pros and cons of the LeafX gutter guards and Gutter RX gutter guards when quoting your project and even give you a price on each one.

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Benefits of Our Gutter Protection Systems

Not only do our gutter guard prices earn attention, but their benefits are worth mentioning as well. No matter what your gutters are like and no matter which system you choose, you can count on these crucial guarantees:

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  • No-Clog Guarantee – When we said you’d NEVER have to dig disgusting leaves from your gutters again, we meant it. And we guarantee it, too! When you get a gutter guard from Mid-Shore Exteriors it always comes with a no-clog guarantee, meaning a clog will never form within the gutter system itself!
  • All Aluminum Construction – Due to the nature of their job, your gutter guards are going to come into contact with a lot of water. That’s why full aluminum construction is essential to prevent rust from occurring over the decades of use you’ll get from them. Enjoying that year-after-year convenience makes the average gutter shield cost of $1,200 to $1,600 even more attractive.
  • Expert Installation – Just in case you were wondering, the gutter shield costs we’ve profiled here include our expert installation. Just like with any other project, our team handles everything from start to finish and cleans up the space to look beautiful before we leave. Discover more reasons Mid-Shore is the trusted exterior company in Easton, Maryland and beyond!
  • Subtle Profile – While bringing home a gutter screen is all about convenience, the last thing you want to do is add an eyesore onto your home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, both styles of gutter system we offer have a subtle profile that has little impact on the look of your home. In particular, the Gutter RX system is especially hidden from view.


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If you’re tired of digging fistfuls of slimy, wet leaves out of your gutters, you can be done for life! Gutter guards are cheaper than most people think – and they are guaranteed to be effective. When you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help. The first step is to have our team come out to make measurements and give you an exact quote that takes care of everything.

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