GAF Shingle Colors You Need to See

Your roof has an important job to do in keeping your home dry — but it can also make for a stunning home feature up there, too. More than ever, homeowners are using their roofs as a component of home curb appeal. See the GAF shingle colors that homeowners love to use to complement their home or to make a bold statement.

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re a leading roofing contractor specializing in GAF shingles. See our picks for the most popular shingle colors we install — and request your FREE quote to bring a gorgeous new roof to your home.


Most Popular: GAF Timberline HD Shingles

GAF Timberline HD shingles bring practicality and performance along with a striking array of colors. When installed by a GAF-certified company like Mid-Shore, these deluxe shingles boast an unbeatable, non-prorated 50-year warranty.

GAF Timberline HD shingles come in shades that can accompany a wide variety of home styles — see some of our favorites:

weathered wood

Weathered Wood
This interesting neutral color for Timberline HD shingles pairs well with both dark and light-colored home siding. Notice how the slight variation in individual shingle color creates a look with some complexity and depth, without being too bold.

One of the most traditional shingle color options GAF offers, Charcoal is extremely popular as it goes with literally ANY home and never looks out of place. If you have a hard time choosing your new roof color, this is the safest best.


pewter gray

Pewter Grey
A choice with a historical flair, these Pewter Grey architectural shingles show the look of an antique slate roof with the durability of a modern architectural shingle.

Biscayne Blue
One of the most popular ways to use your shingles to enhance your exterior design is by matching them to the home shutters. This Timberline HD color makes a great pairing with blue shutters and light-colored vinyl siding.

biscayne blue

Want to see even more Timberline HD shingles? Ask to see a sample board in-person!


For Bold Styles: GAF American Harvest Shingles

While the Timberline HD product line is meant to enhance the widest range of homes and aesthetics possible, American Harvest has a different job. These ultra-bold and colorful shingles are meant to serve as statement pieces.

In addition to their striking visual pop, these shingles are just as durable as Timberline HD — and come backed with an unbeatable 50-year, no-hassle warranty. Here are some bold GAF shingle colors from the American Harvest Collection to consider:


cedar falls

Cedar Falls
This multicolored shingle style has a complicated pattern that resembles a woodland camouflage pattern. This shingle style works well on homes with simple siding colors that need an x-factor to maximize curb appeal.

Midnight Blush
A true original, the Midnight Blush brings a burst of deep red and charcoal to your roof. This eye-catching pattern is sure to stand out no matter where you live!

midnight blush

saddlewood ranch

Saddlewood Ranch
Complicated, rustic, and attention-grabbing, this shingle color provides a unique aesthetic courtesy of the brown, grey, and sandy shingle colors.

Want to check out more American Harvest shingles? Ask to see a sample board in-person!


GAF Virtual Home Remodeler

In addition to all of the stellar products, one of the reasons that Mid-Shore Exteriors partners with GAF is because of the numerous extras they provide to potential customers.

One of the best ways to find the perfect shingle color for your home is to use the GAF virtual home remodeler. This design software allows you to upload a picture of your current house and outfit it with all of the GAF shingle color possibilities.

Check it out right here.


Trust Mid-Shore, A GAF-Certified Partner

GAF roofing shingles in Maryland

Whether you already know the roof shingle color you love or you’re still deciding, your first step is to call Mid-Shore Exteriors. As a GAF-certified contractor, we provide a huge range of colors and shingle styles to choose from. In addition, since we’re officially certified, we’re able to offer that truly unbeatable warranty that most roofing contractors can’t match!

Start the conversation today to see these gorgeous shingle colors in-person — and to request your FREE roof quote!


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