Explaining Winter Roof Leaks

A roof leak is something nobody wants to deal with, especially in the middle of winter. However, those winter conditions can make a bad roof a whole lot worse. We’re here to help, giving you all of the key info about winter roof leaks

While snow and ice and can certainly play a part in winter roof leaks, that is only one of the reasons behind it. In our latest blog, we’re breaking down all of the reasons your roof is leaking in the winter. However, since the signs of a roof leak can be hard to find, for a limited time we’re offering all homeowners in our service area a 100% FREE roof inspection.

Learn more about the reasons behind winter roof leaks – or claim your free inspection today.

5 Reasons Your Roof is Leaking in the Winter

Whether you have seen the tell-tale signs of a winter roof leak or you’re simply doing your research, these are the 5 main issues to watch out for:

5 Conditions to Cause Concern:

  • Missing Shingles — Missing shingles from your roof is one of the primary reasons that it will leak any time of year. However, the high-speed winter winds do have the potential to knock shingles loose from your roof. Unless you see loose shingles in your yard, it’s pretty hard to know they’re missing without a professional inspection.
  • Trapped Snow or Ice – This is the main way that snow and ice can cause a winter roof leak. If snow or ice becomes stuck on your roof and is unable to drain, it will begin to leak through your roof as it melts. If your roof ONLY leaks directly after a snow storm, this may be the reason why. Learn more about common winter roofing problems that can be even worse than leaks.
  • Shingles Nearing End of Life – The shingles are your roof’s first and best line of defense against the elements.  However, as they age, they begin to lose the grit and granules that make them resistant to water. Simply put: if your shingles aren’t the best quality or are extremely old, they will begin to leak. At Mid-Shore Exteriors, the GAF shingles we install come with an unbeatable 50-year warranty.  See the most popular GAF shingle colors.
  • Exposed Nail Heads — Correct installation is the key to a long lasting, leak-free roof. However, if your roof was badly installed, it may contribute to winter roof leaks – or leaks any other time of the year. On a properly installed shingle roof, the nail heads will be completely secure.  However, if corners were cut and the nail heads are left exposed, it can lead to leaks.
  • Poor Flashing – Flashing does an important job in sealing your roof to water – and once again, if it wasn’t done right, it can lead to serious problems. Flashing is the part of a roof that diverts water away from areas where it is vulnerable to leaks, such as chimneys, skylights and where the roof meets the siding. This can be a factor in winter as poor flashing can go hand in hand with leaks from melting snow and ice.


Claim Your Free Roof Inspection

Home without winter roof leak

Inspecting a roof for the signs of a potential leak is one of the most important services a roofing contractor can provide for you. In fact, it’s so valuable that’s why we often charge a premium price for our full roof inspections. However, for a limited time, we’re offering ALL homeowners in our service are a FREE roofing inspection, with no obligation.

During a full roof inspection, our expert team will get up on your roof to look up-close for the main signs that can lead to serious leaks. An expert set of eyes can make all of the difference between catching a problem early and fixing it with a simple repair — or missing it completely and needing a full roof replacement instead!

So, if you’ve seen the signs of winter roof leaks and want answers or you just want peace-of-mind, we encourage you to claim your free roof inspection today. Contact us for more details!

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