Contractor Red Flags: For Roofers

The team you trust to work on your house has the biggest impact on how the job goes. Unfortunately, finding the right company can be a challenge. Some contractors are drawn to the fields of roofing and home contracting for all the wrong reasons. Rather than trying to make a good living doing consistently good work, they’re here to make a quick buck by cutting corners wherever possible – even if it means the homeowner pays the price.

As a roofing company who always does our best work and always strives to satisfy every customer, we at Mid-Shore Exteriors are just as frustrated by these bad contractors as you are. We’re highlighting the most important contractor red flags to look for when finding the team to trust with your roof. Keep reading to discover the 8 biggest warning signs and see what our team does differently!

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8 Roofer Warning Signs to Watch For

Most contractors you run into will very likely be good people performing high-quality work. However, since choosing the wrong contractor can be costly, inconvenient, and stressful, you want to be extra careful to avoid one. Here are the top 8 contractor red flags to watch for – and what they mean for you the homeowner:


Roofer Warning Signs

  • Short Track Record – While it’s true that every business has to start somewhere, this is still a contractor red flag to keep in mind. If the company is less than 5 years old and hasn’t done a lot of work yet, that’s a reason to think twice about trusting them with your home. Another sign of a poor track record is that they have very few pictures of real work they’ve done. Instead, their website and social media are filled with stock pictures. When combined with other items on this list, it’s a sign you can’t trust them with your job. At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re very proud to have 19 years of experience in the industry!
  • No External Recognition – Every salesman or business owner is going to tell you that they’re the very best in the business. However, saying it isn’t enough – they need some way to back it up. Whether it’s in the form of local favorite awards or manufacturer certifications, there needs to be some proof that they do quality work. At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re proud to be recognized as a GAF Master Elite contractor, CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster, and TAMKO MasterCraft Pro Certified Contractor, as well as frequently winning “Best of the Eastern Shore”, “Best of Coastal Style” and other local awards!


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  • Not Enough Reviews – Going hand-in-hand with the red flag above, if a company doesn’t have many reviews, that’s a very bad sign. On top of that, if all the reviews they have are from a brief period of time, that is also cause for concern. When looking at reviews, you’re looking for evidence of a long and successful history. We always encourage all potential clients to check out our Google reviews and our Facebook reviews.
  • Not Properly Licensed and Insured – In the state of Maryland, all home contractors need to be licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, and should have proof of liability and workers comp insurance. However, some smaller companies won’t always have these. Not only can that lead to huge problems if they damage your home and aren’t insured, but missing this business prerequisite is a sign of bad work to come. If you have any doubts, you can always request their certificate of insurance or contact the Maryland home improvement commission to see their license status.
  • Employs Pushy Sales Tactics – Here’s a red flag that not only is a sign of a subpar roofer, but can also be very stressful to contend with. If the salesman is very pushy and tries doggedly to get you to sign a contract on the first visit, be careful. Most high-quality contractors have ample work and don’t need to resort to these high-pressure sales tactics to earn customers. The other reason that questionable companies try to lock you in on the first meeting is that they want to prevent you from doing your research on them!
  • Constant Discounts & Giveaways – Here’s a contractor red flag that might seem like a positive on the surface. Offering freebies! There is no such thing as a free lunch…these contractors are just raising the price of your project to offer you something free! Simply put: good companies will give you straightforward upfront honest pricing!


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  • They Subcontract Most or All of Their Jobs – Having a dedicated in-house crew is one of the reasons that Mid-Shore Exteriors is able to deliver expert work and white glove service every time. However, many roofing companies don’t employ full-time roofers – instead they simply bid your job out to subcontractors. We recommend asking any company point blank if subcontractors will be the ones working on your house, so that you always know just WHO will be working on your home.
  • Unusually Low Prices – Lastly, this is a very important contractor red flag to consider – no matter what type of work you’re having done on your home. While a fair price is good, a price that is way too low for the work required is a serious warning sign. More often than not, having a quote that is WAY too low means they don’t understand the full scope of the job OR that they are planning to work as quickly possible. Neither of these scenarios sets you up for a successful and stress-free outcome.

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If you’ve had enough of these roofer and contractor red flags, we’re here to help. Mid-Shore Exteriors is a family-owned Maryland roofing company that is dedicated to doing things the right way. Our award-winning team of in-house contractors can do everything from installing a new roof to making repairs – as well as taking care of your gutters and siding.

If you’re ready to take the next step, we encourage you to reach out to our team. Not only can we tell you all about the Mid-Shore difference, but we’ll get you a quote to take care of everything, too!

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