Financials Facts

Does Insurance Cover Hail Storm Damage to Roofs?

Hail is a common cause for many insurance claims across the country, causing millions in damages to cars, equipment, and of course, roofs. But just because you make a claim,…

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Local roofer

A Community-Focused Local Roofing Company

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re incredibly grateful to the Eastern Shore community that has sustained us for nearly two decades. Our friends and neighbors in our community have been the best…

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How to see red flags in roofers

Contractor Red Flags: For Roofers

The team you trust to work on your house has the biggest impact on how the job goes. Unfortunately, finding the right company can be a challenge. Some contractors are…

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Gutter guard being installed on Maryland home

Honest Gutter Guard Prices

How much would you pay to NEVER have to dig leaves out of your gutters again? This isn’t some silly rhetorical question– our gutter protection systems can make “never” a…

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