Average Roof Lifespan Revealed for EVERY Style

There’s no question that getting a new roof is both a big investment and a decision you don’t want to make without serious consideration. If you’re starting to see leaks or other signs of roof damage, you can either try to repair your roof or replace it. From our experience, two of the key factors that help most homeowners make this decision are the age of their roof and how long they can expect it to last. To help you decide if it’s worth putting money into your roof, we’re sharing average roof lifespans for each type of roofing material!

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, we’re a Maryland roofing company that installs and works on a wide range of different types of roofs. Over our 19-year tenure, we’ve seen countless roofs and have advised homeowners on their best bet. Keep reading to see what the average roof lifespan is for your roof – and talk to us about your options!


How Long Does a Roof Last?

There’s no question that, “How long does a roof last?” is one of the most common questions homeowners ask us. The answer can range from 15 years to 100+ years – all depending on the roof type. These are ballpark figures for the average roof lifespan:

affordable shingle roofing material

Asphalt 3-Tab Shingles – 15 to 18 Years

The shortest shingle roof lifespan we see comes from cheaper 3-tab shingles. These budget-priced shingles don’t have the same durability, protection, or even beauty of higher-tier shingles. This is a common type of shingle that we see on old roofs which have seen better days.

Architectural Shingles – 25 to 50 Years

These asphalt shingles are built to a much higher quality, and the roof life expectancy you get out of them shows it. This class of shingles provides solid protection for a good price point. Our team can tell you which type of shingles you have – and potentially how long your roof has left. And when Mid-Shore Exteriors installs a new roof using these shingles they  come with the best roofing warranty on the market!

pewter gray

Silver metal roof on barn garage

Metal – 45+ Years

An increasingly popular style of roof for homes, these roofs boast a distinct look – and an impressive lifespan. While they may be more expensive than a traditional roof, the aesthetic and the advantages are considerable.

See popular metal roof colors.

Cedar Shakes – 30 to 50 Years

Essentially shingles made from cedar wood, cedar shakes have a gorgeous upscale look and great durability. However, this material is far more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles. While a Cedar shake roof is durable, installing or working on one requires a specially-trained roofing professional like us.

cedar shake roofing material up close

Dark gray cedar shake shingles on residential home

Slate – 75 to 100+ Years

The only roof that can truly outlast the shingle roof lifespan of the best asphalt shingles. If you have a historical slate roof on your home, you can count on a truly outstanding roof lifespan as well as a one-of-a-kind upscale appearance.


Other Factors that Influence Roof Life Expectancy

While the roof material may be the primary factor that influences roof life expectancy, there are important secondary factors that can reduce the lifespan as well.

  • Ventilation Problems – Poorly ventilated roofs will have a shorter lifespan, which is why we take special care to address proper ventilation
  • Severe Weather – Being exposed to constant severe weather can limit the roof lifespan. Anything less than top-quality shingles or other elite materials can’t stand up to the elements as well. See what to expect from the best shingles for high wind.
  • Multiple Layers – If the roof has multiple layers, where a new roof is installed over an existing one, that can also diminish the lifespan.
  • Climate – In warmer climates, the life expectancy for shingle roofs is cut as the extreme heat can cause splits and cracks in the shingles themselves.
Blue siding house with silver metal roof


Talk to Our Team Today

While all of these facts and figures about the average roof lifespan are important to keep in mind, there is one other primary factor that influences a roof’s lifespan: its installation quality. A skilled and experienced roofer will ensure that you get the maximum lifespan out of whatever roof type you install. However, a company that cuts corner or makes small mistakes can actually undermine the performance your new roof provides.

At Mid-Shore Exteriors, our team of in-house roofers are known for their careful work and for leaving your property as pristine as when they got there. Contact us today to discuss your options – and to get quotes!

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