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When to Replace Roof Shingles

Simply having a leak doesn’t mean you need to replace roof shingles on your home. If the problem is isolated, a basic roof repair may be all that’s necessary. Other times, it’s best to completely replace roofing shingles with newer, more durable ones. No matter what kind of roof repair or replacement work you need done […]

What to Do if Your Roof Leaks this Winter?

Roofs rarely leak at a time that’s convenient for homeowners. While there’s actually no desirable time to be surprised by roof leaks, unexpected drips can be even more bothersome when the temperatures drop and snow starts falling. Some signs of a leak are clearly obvious. But some leaks are sneaky in that you may suspect […]

Winter Ice Dams Can Damage Your Roof!

With the approach of chilly winter weather, homeowners in many parts of the United States find themselves preparing for sub-zero temperatures. A phenomenon known as “ice dams” poses a problem in some regions, including the Northeast. Experts suggest your best strategy for dealing with this challenge should begin before the arrival of snowy conditions. Making […]

How Snow Causes Roof Collapse

Do you feel completely prepared to address any roofing issues caused by the arrival of chill winter weather in Maryland? Many homeowners dread blizzard conditions during the coldest months of the year. Strong winds can buffet rooftops and even occasionally cause shingles to loosen or fall to the ground. Families with leaking roofs or gutters […]

5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Gutters This Fall

How many times per year do you clean your gutters? Perhaps the better question in this case would be, do you ever clean your gutters? Some experts suggest that most homeowners only clean these shallow troughs about once a year when, depending on their geographical location, should be maintaining them about 5 times as often! […]

5 Advantages of Metal Roofs

Attributes That Set Apart Metal Roofing The curb appeal of your home is measured by a few fundamental parts, and the roof falls in this category. It is the pinnacle of your home and attracts the eye as it stands tallest. That is why you want to go for a roof that complements the rest […]

Finding Roof Leaks

Places To Check For Leaks There are certain areas of a roof that are much more likely to leak than others, and during particularly rainy weather, these areas can begin to leak without warning. Mid-Shore Exteriors offers these helpful places to look when searching for roof leaks:   The Flashing Flashing is used on areas […]

Winter Roofing Tips

Roof Maintenance in Maryland Residential and business roofs take a severe beating during the winter months. High velocity winds, ice and weighty snow all take their seasonal toll on roofs, so it’s important to make sure they are in the best of condition. Of particular concern for Maryland residents is the possibility of ice damming […]